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5 Burner Stove Supplier

Model: GECC5315

5 burner stove supplier


  • The new electric stove with 5 independent heating zones 1200+2400+2000+1200+1800W meets various daily needs.
  • Smooth black crystal glass panel, size 770*520mm, touch screen control, waterproof and oil-resistant, easy to clean, very durable.
  • 1 to 99 minute timer, just set the power level and timer and let the stove do the rest so you can enjoy your leisure time and its superior cooking performance.
  • Features overheat protection, residual heat indicator, automatic shutdown and child safety lock. Suitable for any type of cookware.

More Options

The 5 burner stove contrasts with an induction cooker. While both utilize electricity, the induction cooker transforms it into electromagnetic waves to heat cookware, whereas an electric cooktop converts electricity into far-infrared rays for the same purpose. Unlike the induction cooker, the electric cooktop doesn’t necessitate magnetic cookware; any heat-resistant utensil suffices.

Similar to the induction cooker, the ceramic cooktop generally features a smooth glass surface. Any flat, heat-resistant cookware can be used on the ceramic cooktop for heating. Unlike the induction cooker, the ceramic cooktop requires some preheating time. Instead of directly elevating the temperature through electromagnetic induction, the ceramic cooktop heats cookware via thermal conduction. Despite this difference, the ceramic cooktop offers a broader range of cookware options.

Increasingly popular in kitchens, the ceramic cooktop stands out. Its smooth surface simplifies daily cleaning, unlike the unevenness of traditional gas stoves. Addressing safety concerns associated with gas stoves and surpassing the limited cookware compatibility of the induction cooker, the ceramic cooktop excels. Emitting a red light as it warms up, the heating area provides a visual indication of the process.

During heating, the ceramic cooktop emits no harmful substances, and its smooth surface prevents the entry of dirt or liquid. The stylish and shiny appearance further enhances the beauty of the ceramic cooktop. Comliant offers various ceramic cooktop models, including options like portable ceramic cooktops, 1-burner ceramic cooktops, and 2-burner ceramic cooktops. Leveraging extensive manufacturing experience, we provide customization services to meet specific customer requirements.

Often more expensive than traditional hot plate stoves, the electric cooktop outperforms with superior overall performance, higher heating efficiency, and thermal conversion rates. Both the ceramic cooktop and hot plate stoves support a variety of cookware, including glass, ceramic, aluminum, and non-magnetic copper pots. Regarding cookware selection, the ceramic cooktop offers greater flexibility than an induction cooker. Nonetheless, an induction cooker heats up faster than both electric cooktops and hot plate stoves, requiring almost no preheating time and enabling immediate cooking.

Equipped with smart functions such as safety auto-shutoff, a timer, and automatic pot detection, Comliant’s electric cooktop prioritizes user safety. Safety and quality are ensured through rigorous testing. Following shutdown, the surface of the electric cooktop doesn’t immediately cool down, allowing users to utilize residual heat for food warming. Our product line encompasses various electric cooktop options, from portable units to models with two or more heating zones. To cater to specific needs, we offer customization services. As a leading 5 burner stove supplier, Comliant possesses extensive manufacturing experience and remains steadfast in our commitment to service.

5 Burner Stove Supplier

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