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Model: GECU1230

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  • 1200W heating element, 5-position knob control, automatic thermostat, simple and efficient.
  • High-strength stainless steel body (customizable color), 177mm black crystal glass panel, heats food evenly and quickly.
  • Suitable for almost all types of cookware. No harmful radiation, safe to use.
  • Anti-slip feet, more stable to use. Just wait for it to cool down slightly after use, easy to clean.

More Options

The cooktop electric portable differs from an induction cooker in its method of heating. While both use electricity, the induction cooker relies on electromagnetic waves to heat cookware, whereas the electric cooktop generates far-infrared rays. Magnetic cookware is unnecessary for the electric cooktop, unlike the induction cooker.

Unlike the induction cooker, the ceramic cooktop boasts a smooth glass surface. Any flat, heat-resistant cookware can be used on it. However, the ceramic cooktop requires some preheating time, heating cookware via thermal conduction rather than electromagnetic induction. Despite this, it offers a wider range of cookware options.

Distinguishing itself, the ceramic cooktop gains popularity in kitchens. Its smooth surface simplifies daily cleaning compared to traditional gas stoves. Addressing safety concerns and surpassing limited cookware compatibility, the ceramic cooktop shines. A red light indicates the heating process as the cooktop warms up.

During operation, the ceramic cooktop remains free of harmful emissions and is easily cleaned. Its stylish appearance adds to its appeal. Comliant offers various ceramic cooktop models, including portable and multi-burner options. With extensive manufacturing experience, customization services are available to meet specific needs.

The electric cooktop, usually pricier than traditional hot plate stoves, excels in performance and efficiency. Both ceramic cooktops and hot plate stoves support a variety of cookware. However, the ceramic cooktop offers greater flexibility. Despite slower heating than an induction cooker, it outperforms hot plate stoves.

Comliant’s electric cooktop prioritizes user safety with smart features and rigorous testing. After shutdown, residual heat can be utilized for food warming. Various options are available, including portable models and those with multiple heating zones. Comliant, a leading cooktop electric portable manufacturer, is dedicated to meeting customer needs with customization services and extensive experience.

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