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Model: GEHC2030

ceramic hot plate supplier


  • Electric hot plate + electric ceramic stove combination design, 2500W heating element. It has a temperature adjustment knob with heat distribution indicator for precise temperature control.
  • New alloy material, one-piece molding. Compact and convenient, the design is simple and modern. Sturdy and resistant to compression. Stylish and beautiful.
  • Various colors can be customized. Suitable for voltages in different countries. (110V~127V) (220V~240V)
  • It is quiet and no harmful radiation during use. Overheating protection and anti-slip feet ensure safe use.

More Options

Manufactured by Comliant, ceramic hot plate is efficient and diverse, combining induction cooktops, electric cooktops, and hot plates for various cooking needs.

Ease of use comes with infrared induction. Adjust the temperature to your liking, and the chosen area heats up, whether using induction or electric functions, simplifying your cooking process. It serves as a versatile cooking hub, integrating multiple technologies seamlessly.

The flat surface of infrared induction facilitates the placement of pots and pans, while cleaning requires only a wipe with a damp cloth, eliminating the need for extensive scrubbing or specialized cleaning tools.

Versatility stands out as a significant advantage of infrared induction, accommodating various cookware types, from magnetic pots to glass and enamel pans, across corresponding cooking zones. This allows effortless cooking without concerns about matching pots and pans.

Infrared induction proves space-efficient, fitting kitchens of all sizes, from cozy apartments to spacious homes, integrating both induction and electric cooktops into convenient stove hobs.

Stove hobs, being simple, versatile, and easy to clean, provide a better choice for those debating between induction and electric cooktops, offered by Comliant ceramic hot plate supplier.

Ceramic Hot Plate Supplier

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