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Model: GHPC2107G

electronic hotplate factory


  • 1000W+1500W power, heat food quickly, 155+185mm high-quality cast iron plate heats up quickly, no need to wait.
  • Designed with a cover, it can be covered when not in use to prevent dust accumulation and provide better protection.
  • The bottom is equipped with anti-slip feet to ensure the stability of the electric hot plate and prevent the electric stove from moving during the cooking process.
  • Suitable for cookware made of any material. Various body colors are available. Can be adapted to the electrical requirements of various countries.

More Options

With one or more electric heating elements, electronic hotplate operates independently or serves as countertop warmers. Products from Comliant heat a variety of heat-resistant pots through heat transfer with different materials.

Compact and portable, hot plates are convenient kitchen tools designed for cooking. They differ from conventional stoves with their flat surfaces that heat up upon activation. Operating them is simple—plug in, turn the dial, and wait for the desired temperature. They allow for various cooking tasks, including frying eggs and boiling water.

In kitchens, hotels, and dormitories, hot plates have become prevalent since the previous century. Their operational principle is straightforward: plug in, select temperature, and they start.

In response to increased demand, Comliant now offers models with multiple heating zones. With years of global wholesaling experience, they welcome collaboration and specialize in portable and 2-burner hot plates. Supported by manufacturing expertise, they tailor options to preferences.

Ideal for small spaces, hot plates occupy minimal space, perfect for camping trips. Cleaning is effortless—wipe with a damp cloth after use, eliminating the need for scrubbing.

Although not as swift as other options, hot plates remain essential, especially for those on a budget. They serve homes without gas pipelines and outdoor heating needs. Operating with low power ensures safety and efficiency.

Comliant hot plates come with various power ranges for faster heating and control. Two types are available: heating plate and exposed heating coil. Cleaning may be more challenging for the coil type.

Efficient and rapid in heating, hot plates save time and electricity, offering an economical alternative to traditional stoves. Essentially, they are simple, compact, and efficient kitchen tools. Whether in a dorm, camping, or seeking simplicity, Comliant electronic hotplate factory provides a convenient solution.

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