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Three Burner Induction Cooktop Manufacturing Company

Model: GICC3184

three burner induction cooktop manufacturing company


  • Panel material Class A black crystal chinese glass/ Germany scott ceran glass.
  • 3 heating zones 1800W+1400W+2000W, a total of 5200W high-power rapid heating.
  • The panel size is 590x520mm, elegant and stylish, the built-in design and black glossy finish save valuable counter space and the hassle of cleaning up after daily use.
  • 4-hour timer. Multiple safety protections: overheat protection, pan detection, child lock, automatic shutdown.

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The sleek and stylish induction cooktop, also known as an induction stove, enhances the kitchen’s appearance. Through the conversion of electrical energy into electromagnetic waves, the induction cooker swiftly heats cookware, ensuring rapid heating. This effectiveness results in boiling water in approximately half the time compared to traditional gas stoves.

Increasing in popularity due to its exceptional cooking performance in methods such as frying, boiling, simmering, and stir-frying, the induction cooktop boasts an impressive 90% thermal conversion efficiency, surpassing gas stoves’ efficiency of 40% to 60%. Recognized for its efficient heating, the induction cooktop operates using electromagnetic waves. Unlike gas stoves, it does not emit harmful gases, thus promoting a healthier environment. The surface of the induction cooktop, typically made of high-strength glass, is easy to clean, and magnetic cookware effortlessly heats upon it.

Standing out as safer and more energy-efficient for family health compared to gas stoves, the induction cooktop is distinguished. Gas stoves may produce harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion from insufficient oxygen. Safety features are integrated into the induction cooktop, including protective measures that halt heating and issue warnings when no cookware is detected. Comliant’s design of the induction cooktop incorporates multiple mechanisms for overheating protection, instilling user confidence. The induction cooktop supports various cookware options, including stainless steel and cast iron.

Smart features, inclusive of built-in safety functions, are seamlessly integrated into the induction cooktop. Upon activation without cookware placement, it refrains from heating and emits a warning sound. This is because the induction cooktop operates by heating magnetic cookware, necessitating their presence for food heating. Certain aluminum or glass pots are unsuitable for use on induction cookers as they cannot directly heat food.

Exceeding the efficiency of traditional gas stoves, the three burner induction cooktop boasts an impressive 90% heating efficiency. Swiftly elevating the temperature of cookware without warming the entire kitchen, the induction cooker cools rapidly once turned off, with its glass surface remaining cool for easy cleanup.

Throughout cooking, the glass surface of an induction cooker remains cool, addressing concerns about challenging cleaning from splatters. Although the surface may seem hot immediately after use, it simply reflects heat transferring from the cookware, similar to placing a hot pot of soup on a table. To ensure even heating, flat-bottomed cookware is advisable for use with the induction cooktop.

While operating, the induction cooktop emits a subtle humming sound. Nonetheless, Comliant, the three burner induction cooktop manufacturing company, stands out in noise reduction, ensuring a quieter experience and making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive users.

For high-quality Induction cooker needs, trust Comliant Factory, a reliable supplier offering various manufacturing options, including portable, single, and 2 to 6 burner induction cookers. Welcoming customers worldwide for OEM and ODM projects, we invite customization of their Induction cookers with us.

Three Burner Induction Cooktop Manufacturing Company

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