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Four Induction Supplier

Model: GICC4215

four induction supplier


  • Burners with different powers are available, 1800W+1400W+1800W+1400W, a total of 6400W.
  • Durable, scratch-resistant glass-ceramic panel that not only looks great, but is also easy to clean.
  • Multiple Protection Functions: such as overheat protection, residual heat indicator, child lock, automatic shutdown, etc.
  • With 4-hour timer. Touch sensor controls.
  • Save space and fit perfectly with the kitchen counter.

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Enhancing the kitchen with its sleek and stylish appearance, the four induction quickly heats cookware by converting electrical energy into electromagnetic waves, ensuring swift cooking. This efficiency leads to boiling water in about half the time compared to traditional gas stoves.

With exceptional cooking performance in various methods like frying, boiling, simmering, and stir-frying, the induction cooktop boasts an impressive thermal conversion efficiency of 90%, surpassing gas stoves. Recognized for efficient heating, it doesn’t emit harmful gases like gas stoves, promoting a healthier environment. Its surface, usually high-strength glass, is easy to clean, and magnetic cookware effortlessly heats up on it.

Standing out for safety and energy-efficiency compared to gas stoves, the induction cooktop is safer for family health. It boosts safety with protective features, stopping heating and issuing warnings when no cookware is detected. Comliant’s design incorporates multiple mechanisms for overheating protection, instilling user confidence. Additionally, it supports various cookware options, including stainless steel and cast iron.

Integrated with smart features and built-in safety functions, the induction cooktop refrains from heating and emits a warning sound if activated without cookware. This is because it operates by heating magnetic cookware, rendering certain pots unsuitable for use. It cannot directly heat food, unlike gas stoves.

With an impressive 90% heating efficiency, the induction cooker swiftly raises cookware temperature without heating the entire kitchen. Once turned off, it cools rapidly, and its glass surface remains cool, facilitating easy cleanup.

The cool glass surface of an induction cooker alleviates concerns about challenging cleaning from splatters during cooking. Although it may seem hot immediately after use, it’s just the heat transferring from the cookware, similar to placing a hot pot on a table. It’s advisable to use flat-bottomed cookware with the induction cooktop for even heating.

Operating with a subtle humming sound. Comliant four induction supplier ensures a quieter experience, especially for noise-sensitive users, standing out in noise reduction.

Trust Comliant Factory for your high-quality Induction cooker needs; we offer various manufacturing options, including portable and single induction cookers. Open to OEM and ODM projects, we invite customers worldwide to customize their induction cookers with us.

Four Induction Supplier

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