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Induction Cooker Infrared Manufacturer

Model: GIEC3320

induction cooker infrared manufacturer


  • Combination design of 2 induction cookers + 1 electric ceramic cooker, 4500W heating element. It heats up quickly and has less heat loss. Efficient operation, long service life.
  • The entire panel is made of grade A crystal tempered glass, very clean and has strong bearing capacity.
  • Multiple Protection Functions: such as overheat protection, residual heat indicator, child lock, automatic shutdown, etc.
  • Equipped with sensor touch controls and a digital LCD display for hassle-free cooking, it also has a countdown timer setting for precise cooking.

More Options

In the kitchen, induction cooker infrared proves its usefulness. Manufacturers of compliant stove hobs offer efficient options, combining induction cooktops, electric cooktops, and hot plates to suit different cooking needs.

Ease of use characterizes infrared induction. Adjust the temperature to your preference, and it heats up accordingly. You have the option to utilize either induction or electric functions, simplifying your cooking process. This hub amalgamates diverse technologies seamlessly.

The flat surface of infrared induction facilitates easy placement of cookware. Cleaning is hassle-free – a simple wipe with a damp cloth suffices. No need for specialized cleaning tools or extensive scrubbing.

Versatility marks infrared induction cookers. They accommodate various cookware types, from magnetic pots to glass and enamel pans, owing to their adaptable cooking zones. Prepare a range of dishes effortlessly without worrying about matching pots and pans.

Space efficiency is another highlight of infrared induction cookers, suitable for kitchens of all sizes. Combining induction and electric functions into stove hobs eliminates the need for separate cooktops, catering to different kitchen layouts.

Stove hobs offer simplicity, versatility, and easy maintenance. If you’re undecided between an induction or electric cooktop, consider Comliant induction cooker infrared manufacturer for a superior alternative.

Induction Cooker Infrared Manufacturer

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