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Induction and Ceramic Hob Manufacturer

Model: GIEC3501

induction and ceramic hob manufacturer


  • 2000W+1500W Two induction cookers and 2200W electric ceramic cooker. 3 independent zones with different uses and can be heated at the same time improve efficiency and easily meet the needs of multiple people.
  • 4mm thick black crystal explosion-proof glass, a variety of glass edge cutting processes and operation control panels are available, and can be adapted to any plugs in different countries.
  • Equipped with a timer and multiple safety protections: overheating protection, automatic shutdown, automatic pan detection, and child lock.
  • Suitable for different pots and pans, such as iron, aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel, copper, heat-resistant glass, as long as it is a flat-bottomed pot, it can be heated on it.

More Options

In the kitchen, induction and ceramic hob prove their usefulness. Efficient stove hobs from Comliant, a stove hobs manufacturer, offer diverse combinations of induction cooktops, electric cooktops, and hot plates to cater to your cooking needs.

Easy to use, infrared induction requires you to set the temperature in your chosen area, and it will promptly heat up. You have the option to utilize either the induction or electric function, simplifying your cooking process. It serves as a versatile cooking hub, amalgamating different technologies seamlessly.

The flat surface of infrared induction facilitates effortless placement of pots and pans for cooking. Cleaning is a breeze – simply wipe it with a damp cloth to maintain cleanliness. No need for specialized cleaning tools or spending excessive time scrubbing away.

A notable advantage of infrared induction lies in its versatility. It can accommodate various types of cookware, from magnetic pots to glass and enamel pans, owing to their corresponding cooking zones. This ensures effortless cooking of a variety of dishes without worrying about matching pots and pans.

Moreover, infrared induction is space-efficient, fitting kitchens of all sizes, from cozy apartments to spacious homes. Eliminate the need for purchasing separate induction and electric cooktops; we’ve integrated them into convenient stove hobs for your convenience.

Stove hobs are straightforward, adaptable, and easy to maintain. If you’re torn between choosing an induction cooktop or an electric cooktop, Comliant induction and ceramic hob manufacturer offers you a superior alternative.

Induction and Ceramic Hob Manufacturer

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