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Electric cooktop also called ceramic cooktop, is different from induction cooker. Both use electricity, but their heating methods vary. Electric cooktop, a new way of heating, turns electrical energy into far-infrared rays to heat food. Unlike induction cooker, ceramic cooktop doesn’t need magnetic cookware; any heat-resistant utensil works.

Compared to induction cooker, ceramic cooktop needs some preheating time. Induction cooker directly raise the temperature using electromagnetic induction, while ceramic cooktop heats cookware through thermal conduction. Despite this, ceramic cooktop offers a broader range of cookware choices.

Comliant makes various ceramic cooktop models. As an experienced manufacturer, we offer options like portable ceramic cooktop, 1-burner ceramic cooktop, and 2-burner ceramic cooktop. We also provide customization services to meet specific customer needs.

Ceramic cooktop addresses safety concerns with gas stoves and overcome the limited cookware compatibility of induction cooker. The heating area emits a red light as the ceramic cooktop warms up, visually indicating the process. Ceramic cooktop doesn’t emit harmful substances during heating, and the smooth surface of ceramic cooktop is easy to clean, preventing dirt or liquid from getting inside.

Comliant’s ceramic cooktop comes with smart features like safety auto-shutoff, timer, and automatic pot detection. We ensure user safety through rigorous quality and factory testing. Additionally, it offers practical benefits; after turning off, the surface doesn’t immediately cool down, allowing users to utilize residual heat for food warming.

Induction cooker, also known as induction stove and induction cooktop, uses electromagnetic waves for efficient heating. Unlike gas stove, induction cooker doesn’t emit harmful gases, ensuring a healthier environment. The surface of it, usually high-strength glass, is easy to clean, and magnetic cookware effortlessly heats up on it.

Products made by Comliant induction cooker factory Equipped with protective features, it would stop heating and warns when no cookware is placed on it. Comliant-designed induction cooktop has multiple overheating protection mechanisms for user confidence. Various cookware options, including stainless steel and cast iron, are compatible.

With a remarkable 90% heating efficiency, induction cooker surpasses traditional gas stoves. it quickly raises cookware temperature without heating the entire kitchen. After turning off, the Induction cooker cools rapidly, and the glass surface stays cool for easy cleanup.

For even heating, flat-bottomed cookware is recommended for the Induction cooker. Comliant’s induction cooker includes a timer function for precise cooking. While operating, it emits a slight humming sound, but Comliant induction cooker factory excels in noise reduction for a quieter experience, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive users.

Hot plate stoves are useful in the kitchen. hot plate stoves are small, portable devices for cooking unlike a traditional stove, featuring a flat surface that heats up.

Using stoves with hot plate are easy. Plug it in, turn the dial of stoves with hot plate, and wait for it to get hot. Cook a variety of things, like frying eggs, boiling water, or making simple dishes.

A great thing about stoves with hot plate is their compact size. Stoves with hot plate don’t take up much space, perfect for small kitchens or places without a built-in stove. Stoves with hot plate are even suitable for camping trips for quick and easy cooking.

Cleaning stoves with hot plate are easy. Wipe the flat surface clean with a damp cloth after use, with no need to worry about scrubbing hard-to-reach places like with a gas stove.

Stoves with hot plate are energy-efficient. Stoves with hot plate heat up quickly, saving time and electricity. Often more affordable than traditional stoves, providing a budget-friendly option.

In summary, hot plate stoves are simple, compact, and efficient kitchen tools. Whether you’re a college student in a dorm, a camper outdoors, or someone seeking a quick and easy way to cook, hot plate stoves offer a convenient solution.

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