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Model: GICS1735

commercial induction cooktop


  • 3500W commercial induction cooker, made of 304 stainless steel, anti-slip, waterproof design, easy to clean.
  • Thermal efficiency is as high as 93%, rapid heating, energy saving and environmentally friendly
  • 240mm enlarged copper coil and 16 magnetic strips, especially suitable for commercial environments that require rapid heating.
  • Two 9-blade fans for fast heat dissipation. Equipped with a high-quality EMC control panel, touch and knob controls for easy operation.
  • Multiple protection circuit design, waterproof and anti-leakage, automatic shutdown, safe to use.

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Through the conversion of electrical energy into electromagnetic waves, the commercial induction cooktop rapidly heats cookware, guaranteeing a swift heating process. This efficiency results in water boiling in about half the time compared to traditional gas stoves.

The induction cooktop is gaining popularity for its exceptional cooking performance in methods like frying, boiling, simmering, and stir-frying. With an impressive thermal conversion efficiency of 90%, it surpasses the efficiency of gas stoves, which typically range from 40% to 60%. Operating with electromagnetic waves, the induction cooktop is known for its efficient heating. Unlike gas stoves, it doesn’t emit harmful gases, promoting a healthier environment. The surface of the induction cooktop, usually made of high-strength glass, is easy to clean, and magnetic cookware heats up effortlessly on it.

The induction cooktop stands out as safer and more energy-efficient for family health compared to gas stoves. Gas stoves may produce harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion from insufficient oxygen. Safety features in the induction cooktop are enhanced, as it stops heating and issues warnings when no cookware is detected. Comliant’s design of the induction cooktop includes multiple mechanisms for protection against overheating, instilling user confidence. Supporting various cookware options, including stainless steel and cast iron, the induction cooktop is versatile.

Integrated into the commercial induction cooktop are smart features that incorporate built-in safety functions. When activated without placing cookware on it, the commercial induction cooktop refrains from heating and emits a warning sound. This occurs because the commercial induction cooktop operates by heating magnetic cookware, requiring their presence for food heating. Certain aluminum or glass pots are unsuitable for use on commercial induction cooktops as they cannot be directly heated.

The Induction cooker achieves an impressive 90% heating efficiency, surpassing traditional gas stoves in efficiency. Swiftly raising the temperature of cookware without heating the entire kitchen, the Induction cooker is efficient. Upon being turned off, it cools rapidly, while its glass surface remains cool, making cleanup easy.

Throughout the cooking process, the glass surface of an Induction cooker stays cool, easing worries about challenging cleaning from splatters. Despite the surface of the induction cooker appearing hot right after use, it’s just the heat transferring from the cookware to the glass surface, similar to placing a hot pot of soup on a table. To ensure even heating, it’s recommended to use flat-bottomed cookware with the induction cooktop.

Equipped with a timer function for precise cooking, the induction cooktop by Comliant emits a subtle humming sound during operation. However, as a supplier of commercial induction cooktops, Comliant commercial induction cooktop supplier stands out in noise reduction, guaranteeing a quieter experience and making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive users.

Rely on our commercial induction cooktop supplier for your high-quality Induction cooker needs; we are a dependable source. Our manufacturing offerings encompass portable induction cookers, single induction cookers, and 2 to 6 burner induction cookers. Welcoming OEM and ODM projects, we invite customers from all countries to customize your Induction cookers with us.

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