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Induction Hot Plate 2 Burner Supplier

Model: GICN2135

induction hot plate 2 burner supplier


  • Lightweight and portable. Waterproof microcrystalline panels. Leave no stains.
  • Easy-to-use touch buttons and control knobs make using the cooktop even more convenient.
  • Colors can be customized according to customer preference.
  • Dual 2000W high power, quickly heat food.

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Enhancing the kitchen with its sleek and stylish design is the induction hot plate 2 burner. Quickly heating cookware by converting electrical energy into electromagnetic waves ensures a swift cooking process. This efficiency means water boils in about half the time compared to traditional gas stoves.

Gaining popularity for its exceptional cooking performance, the induction cooktop boasts an impressive thermal conversion efficiency of 90%, surpassing gas stoves. It operates with electromagnetic waves, known for its efficient heating without emitting harmful gases like gas stoves. The surface of the induction cooktop, typically made of high-strength glass, is easy to clean, and magnetic cookware heats up effortlessly on it.

Safer and more energy-efficient than gas stoves, the induction cooktop stands out. Gas stoves may produce harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion. Safety features include protective mechanisms that halt heating and issue warnings when no cookware is detected. Comliant’s induction cooktop design incorporates multiple mechanisms for overheating protection, instilling user confidence. It supports various cookware options, including stainless steel and cast iron.

Integrated with smart features and built-in safety functions, the induction cooktop refrains from heating and emits a warning sound if activated without cookware. This is because it operates by heating magnetic cookware, rendering certain pots unsuitable for use. Induction cookers rapidly raise cookware temperature and cool quickly after use, with a cool glass surface for easy cleanup.

The cool glass surface of an induction cooker addresses concerns about challenging cleaning during cooking. Although it may seem hot immediately after use, it’s simply the heat transferring from the cookware to the glass surface, similar to placing a hot pot on a table. To ensure even heating, it’s advisable to use flat-bottomed cookware with the induction cooktop.

Operating with a subtle humming sound. The induction cooktop of Comliant ensures a quieter experience, Comliant induction hot plate 2 burner supplier excels in noise reduction, making it an ideal choice for noise-sensitive users.

For high-quality induction cooker needs, trust Comliant Factory as your reliable supplier. We offer portable, single, and 2 to 6 burner induction cookers. Open to OEM and ODM projects, we welcome customers worldwide to customize induction cookers with us.

Induction Hot Plate 2 Burner Supplier

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