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Model: GIEC3205

electric induction hob factory


  • 3500W new multi-functional stove, 1 flat induction cooker + 1 electric ceramic stove + 1 concave induction cooker, three-dimensional matching round bottom wok.
  • Class A crystal tempered glass, high strength, easy to clean.
  • Patented technology coil, heating speed is faster and more even, no hot and cold spots, the best cooking experience.
  • Equipped with multiple safety devices, such as overheating protection, child lock, and automatic shut-off.

More Options

In the kitchen, the electric induction hob proves its usefulness. Manufacturers of Comliant stove hobs craft efficient models, providing diverse cooking options with induction cooktops, electric cooktops, and hot plates.

Ease of use characterizes infrared induction. Adjust the temperature to your liking in the selected area, and it will promptly heat up. The choice between induction and electric functions simplifies your cooking process, creating a magical hub that merges multiple technologies.

Pots and pans sit effortlessly on the flat surface of infrared induction. Cleaning it is a breeze – just wipe with a damp cloth. No need for special cleaning tools or spending excessive time scrubbing away.

Versatility stands out as a significant advantage of infrared induction. It accommodates various cookware types, from magnetic pots to glass and enamel pans, with corresponding cooking zones. This ensures effortless cooking of diverse dishes without worrying about matching pots and pans.

Space efficiency is another feature of infrared induction, fitting kitchens of all sizes. No need for separate induction and electric cooktops; we’ve integrated them into convenient stove hobs for you.

Stove hobs offer simplicity, versatility, and easy cleaning. If you’re undecided between an induction cooktop or electric one, consider Comliant electric induction hob factory for a superior choice.

Electric Induction Hob Factory

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